Industrial High Bay

Built for harsh environments and facilities with poor power quality, the HB50’s thermal design and military grade power driver make it a smart choice for heavy industry.
HB50 Industrial High Bay Light

High Temperature Operation

The HB50 operates at ambient temperatures up to 70° Celcius, and its one of a kind, military grade power driver assures lasting operation. Induction lighting surpasses other technologies in efficiency and outputs a natural bright white light, great for working conditions.

The HB50 also uses smart electronics to maintain optimal light output. The real genius of the HB50 is its ability to stand alone with no need for external fusing, surge protectors, line conditioning, isolation transformers, or capacitive filters.

Wide Range Input of 180v to 525v Zac: buy one model number and install in anywhere in your facility.
The HB50 is at 120 lumen/watt, 65% energy saving compared to traditional lights.
Digitally controlled driver with proprietary firmware that tolerates all forms of line transients.
Superior cooling strategy. Cool components = long life.
Beautiful appearance and visual comfort

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How Induction Technology Works

Induction lighting has been around for over 100 years and is known to be long-lasting and efficient. Modern electrodeless induction lamps operate without electrodes, which eliminates the need for wiring connections between the lamp and its power driver. An induction lamp has a flourescent lamp with magnetic coils wrapped around a section, inducing a current into the lamp. High frequency energy goes into the electromagnetic field, which energizes mercury atoms and produces light. The result is a lamp with longer life and less maintenance, as well as significant energy savings and high quality light output.

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