About Endurance

We provide quality lighting products for industries with harsh environments and challenging applications.

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Industries That Benefit From Our Products

We manufacture lighting solutions for heavy industries. These are the factories, mills, and shipyards that need safety and reliability when it comes to lighting for their workplace.

Steel & Paper Mills


Cold Storage Facilities


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The Difference is in The Driver

Our military grade power source is what makes our products perform like no other.

Based in The USA

Born from engineers who provide high quality power electronics to the defense industry, Endurance Lighting saw the need for an induction lighting solution for workplaces with harsh environments. Endurance Lighting is a spin off from sister company, Alliance Technical Solutions, a trusted leader in military power conversions for 15 years. We design and manufacture our products in Salem, New Hampshire and, just like our customers, are proud to make a quality product here in the USA.

Induction Lighting

With our induction technology, you can replace a 1000 watt metal halide light with our 400 watt high bay light. The superior visual comfort of induction lighting is known to last for up to 100,000 hours, with minimal maintenance and high efficiency.

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