Designed to withstand, built to last, trusted to endure

Our Industrial High Bay light, the HB50 is built to survive challenging applications. This induction lamp ensures high temperature operation (up to 70°C ambient) a long lifetime,excellent color rendering and substantial energy savings.
HB50 Industrial High Bay Light

HB50 Induction High Bay Light


Long life

Fault Tolerant

Visual Comfort

Our Technology

Induction lighting lasts up to 100,000 hours, produces more visible light, and reduces energy costs by over 50% compared to metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs. Our induction high bay lights have military grade power drivers, and heat transfer technology that stand up to high temperatures and challenging environments.

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The HB50 outperforms the competition in facilities with poor power quality, and in hot, humid, or dirty environments where other lights don’t last. Our induction lamp can survive well in harsh environments such as:

Steel & Paper Mills


Cold Storage Facilities


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Features of the HB50

Built to survive challenging applications, this induction high bay lamp has the capabilities to improve visual comfort in the work place and save money. View our data sheet to learn more about its specifications.

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